About the farm


It all started when...

It all started when I visited a friend in Ulster County, NY back in 2013. She took me to a neighboring dairy farm and had me taste non-pasteurized cow milk. The raw milk was fresh and delicious, and while I was drinking it, all of my childhood memories of my Great Grandmother, my Aunt, and my Grandparents came flooding back to me. It hit me how much I love all living things. 

Growing up, my brother and I spent each summer in a village in Dunapataj in Hungary in our early childhood. I took care of my great grandma’s and my aunt’s animals. I spent hours stuffing my stomach with unbelievably delicious fruit. I visited my other relatives and family friends houses where I also got to visit their animals. I could spend hours just watching animals. I spent long hours watching my grandfather as he was working in his garden. I learned many things from him during those summers, such as the traditional way to use the scythe, how to prune a fruit tree, how to make wine, and how to milk a cow.

The raw milk also reminded me of my father who was a professor in plant ecology in Debrecen Agriculture University. He wrote numerous books and publications about Hungarian wheat, tobacco and corn cultivation. He spoke out against importing foreign, especially Soviet wheat and corn, to Hungary. He was a long and strong supporter of protecting native plants in Hungary.

Thanks in part to my upbringing, I always had a passion within me for animals, flowers, plants, trees, basically just a love for any living thing. In the summer of 2014 I decided to buy a farm in order to turn my passion into reality, cultivating plants, delicious fruit trees, and raising animals. Today I am managing 90 acres of land, raising all kinds of animals like Finish Landrace sheep, Tibetan Yaks or the famous Mangalica pigs in Historic Delaware County in NY State.