yak meat prices

Ground yak $10/lbs, $16

Tenderloin medallion $35/lbs

Tenderloin filet $45/lbs

Rib eye$20/lbs , $32/lbs

T-Bone $22.50/lbs

Porterhouse $25/lbs

Sirloin $18/lbs, 2 each 8 ounces $18

Top sirloin $28/lbs

Tip sirloin $28/lbs

NY strip $23 10 ounces, $30/lbs

Flank $20 each 0.75 lbs, 17.50lbs

Skirt $20 each 0.75

Filet mignon 2 each 6onces $45

Stew meat $17/lbs

Yak burger 3 patties 3.5 ounces each $16

Cube $22/lbs

Rib roast $30/lbs

Short ribs $20/lbs

Fajita $18

Kebab $20

Soup bones $6.50lbs

Tail $6.50/lbs

Liver $7.50

Heart $17

Tongue $17.50 each

10 lbs yak meat sampler $109

20lbs ground yak $189

50 lbs yak meat sampler $ 479

50 lbs ground yak $445

12 lbs yak steak sampler $ 159

Chuck roast 6 lbs $120 $20/lbs

Yak jerky $39

Jalapeño cheddar yak wurst $5.95

Bratwurst heaven $69.95

Red wine black pepper sausage $79.95

Brisket $25/lbs

Bottom Roast $22/lbs

Cooking Recommendations
To keep that sweet, delicate, juicy flavor: do not over-cook! Yak steaks, fillets, and burgers finish faster than beef on the grill, in the pan, or in the oven. In order to fully appreciate the taste and juiciness of this flavorful delicacy, it is not recommended to finish beyond MEDIUM RARE. Yak never has a “bloody” flavor associated with rare beef.

For optimum enjoyment of this sweet, delicate Yak meat, use only mild flavor enhancing condiments like salt, pepper, garlic, etc.

NEVER Microwave Yak Meat! The microwave changes the chemistry, flavor, and the smell of this delicate meat.